The management team of CARD-F is delighted to announce that CARD-F Phase 2 has come to a successful completion. CARD-F has impacted many lives in Afghanistan and many more people will continue to benefit from CARD-F projects which in the coming years. CARD-F is proud to claim that is it has been a pioneer programme in development of Agriculture Value Chains in Afghanistan and has been the promoter of Commercial Agriculture through inclusive and comprehensive interventions. The programme has as achieved the following accomplishments.
1. Stimulated AFN 3.4 billion of private investment into the agriculture sector;
2. Established 6,692 small, medium and large rural agribusinesses for Afghan men and women. Some of these enterprises have been unprecedented in the agriculture history of Afghanistan;
3. Increased farmers and agribusinesses’ income by AFN2.58 billion and this figure is increasing as you read this message;
4. Created 20,525 sustainable employment opportunities (FTEs) for Afghan men and women and has safeguarded another 125,337;
5. Trained 38,273 framers in management and operation of agribusinesses;
6. Built 3 irrigation reservoirs, 3 rural roads and 22 irrigation canals;
7. Conducted 4 national studies on Poultry, Dairy, Grapes and Pinenuts National Value Chains;

The management unit of CARD-F would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to the key stakeholders of the programme which are as follows:
1. The Inter-ministerial Committee (IMC) of CARD-F which comprise of MAIL, MRRD and MCN Ministers for their leadership and provision of timely support to the strategic decisions of the programme;
2. The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) consisting of Technical Deputy ministers of the IMC miniseries and CARD-F donors for providing the management unit with support, approval and direction on operational and technical affairs of CARD-F.
3. CARD-F Donors (DFID and Danida) for funding the programme since 2010 and investing British and Danish taxpayers’ money in Afghanistan. Their generosity has changed many Afghan lives for better and the impact will last long.
4. The Afghan Private Sector which include the CARD-F Grantees, Farmers, Implementing Contractors and Investors in our projects. Your partnership with the programme has been outstanding and ensures future sustainability of our projects. Thank you for investing in Afghanistan.
5. The CARD-F Team who has been the heroes, champions and frontline soldiers of the programme and have worked with high integrity, transparency and commitment in deficit environment of Afghanistan.


CARD-F’s mission is to identify, design and implement agriculture & rural development interventions that have the highest potential and contributions toward the economic growth and economic development of Afghanistan.

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Since 2009 CARD-F is designing EDPs in major agriculture value chains, implementation of sustainable and agriculture enterprises and improving the farming capacity of the rural farmers and capacity building of Government Institution....

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