Ahmad Mustafa Nassery
Head of Implementation Unit / View Profile

Friendly working environment!

CARD-F work has truly made a positive impact on the agriculture sector and lives of rural communities in Afghanistan. The high sustainability rate of our enterprises and high satisfaction rate of beneficiaries are clear indications of how successful we have been. The success recipe for CARD-F has been its unique approach (value chain based interventions) and proficient and high caliber team. CARD-F offers a dynamic platform that enables you to learn every day by facing various challenges. I think what makes CARD-F special is its friendly working environment, core values of transparency and accountability, and team spirit.

Ahmad Shakib Sakhizadeh
Executive Director / View Profile

Center of excellence!

I believe working in Development Sector requires not only strong Academic knowledge but also a wide range of professional and technical competencies & practice skills. What is also of high importance is the individual’s INTEGRITY & ASPIRATIONS to work with utmost honesty & serve Afghans and Afghanistan and that is what CARD-F is generously blessed with. My vision for CARD-F is that it is turned into a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE where International Best Practices are not only developed and complied with, but also disseminated to others working in the same sector. We are also working hard to make CARD-F a Self-Sufficient Development Catalyst which should offer a wide range of services to Donors and Government Agencies.

Mohammad Ajmal Rahimy
Program Development Director / View Profile

Innovative program!

CARD-F successfully designed and implemented interventions and value chains focused on sustainable agriculture and rural development which created licit income and employment opportunities for poor people in CARD-F’s target provinces. Our vision is to be a leading innovative national program to contribute to sustainable growth, improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas in Afghanistan