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About CARD-F

CARD-F works to increase legal rural employment and business opportunities through creating viable value chains. CARD-F provides needs based services and support to create and sustain licit businesses in rural communities preventing them from receding into poppy cultivation.

A model of cross-ministry collaboration, CARD-F works under the auspices of an Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) that consists of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, the Ministry of Counter Narcotics and the Ministry of Finance. The IMC is led by the Ministry of Counter Narcotics


NPP2 Approved by JCMB The comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development-Facility (CARD-F) has been selected by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as one of the primary subcomponents of the National Priority Program Two .The National Comprehensive Agriculture Production and Market Development Program is the second of four National Priority Programs (NPPs) in the Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Cluster. It is divided into two separate but complementary Components: Food for Life (FFL) and Enterprise and Market Development (EMD), each comprising several Sub-Components that facilitate overall goals and objectives of the Program.

EDP 3 – Establishment of Poultry Farm in Kama District of Nangarhar


EDP 3 is to stimulate economic growth (including growth in incomes and employment) in Kama District, of Nangarhar Province. This is in parallel with the objectives of CARD-F to attain a prosperous and poppy free rural Afghanistan.

Kama District, due to its proximity to Jalalabad City, has a major importance in the growth of Agribusiness in Nangarhar Province. The Agribusiness sector in Kama District is suitable for an increase in the capacity and production of high value products based on market demand. This will result in growth of economic activities, job creation and income generation for famers in Kama District.

EDP3 is going to precipitate growth in poultry sector in which Kama District has a competitive advantage. This will be achieved by providing integrated development program that stimulates demand for, and build supply of, value added poultry.
The Poultry Farm in Kama District comprises: the establishment of 4
Chickens from CARD-F Poultry Farm
breeder farms with a production capacity of 3.4 million breeding eggs per year, 4 hatcheries with a capacity of producing 2.8 million day old chicks per year, 50 new broiler farms with a capacity of producing 1.5 million broilers per year, 1,000 new household (especially female-run) layer farms with a total capacity of 30 million eggs per year and provision of advisory and technical assistance to farmers in marketing, business and relevant sectors, with funding also made available for establishment of a concentrated feed mill for chicken and a fully equipped slaughter house.
So far, each of the 200 Small Scale Layer farms (SSL) out of 300 SSL farms constructed by CARD-F has received 100 pullets. The rate of return from each chicken is about 16-18 eggs a month. The selling price for each egg is calculated at 8-9 Afs. Hence, female farmers are expected to earn about 12,800 Afs ($245) per month from their SSL.
Female Farmer Feeding Chickens at CARD-F Poultry Farm
In an interview with CARD-F, one of the female farmers said "I have sold 153 eggs, that I had collected in 3 days for about 1240 Afs ($23.50) and will use the money to increase the number of my pullets to 150 and eventually to 200."
In order to trace the impact of the SSLs established by CARD-F, our staffs are regularly visiting and interviewing the female farmers in Kama district of Nangarhar. There is no doubt the money earned so far from the poultry farms established by CARD-F are having a great impact upon the growth in incomes and employment of the households in Kama district of Nangarhar.


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