Deputy Executive Dirctor

Ahmed Shakib Sakhizadeh is the Deputy Executive Director of the Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F) CARD-F is jointly managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Counter Narcotics and the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. Ahmed has thirteen years experience in the field of accounting, finance, management, economics and research mainly in United Kingdom and Russia. He started his career as an accountant for Europe Ltd Moscow, Russia from 1997-1999. He then moved to UK and started working for Persia House initially as an assistant manager and then as a General Manager from 2000-2003. He started his higher studies at BA level at Staffordshire University where he graduated top of the faculty of Economics in 2007. While studying for his BA degree he worked as a part time financial advisor and accountant for Alburaq Insurance. Prior to returning to Afghanistan, Ahmed had been working as a finance manager and accountant for North Staffordshire Afghan Community Association in UK. Ahmed has BA (honours) in Financial and Business Economics from Staffordshire University United Kingdom and gained his Masters of Science degree in Economics for Business Analysis (EBA) form the same University. He has been accepted as a PhD candidate by the University of London, Institute of Education and his research interest is on Demand for Higher Education in Afghanistan.