Deputy Executive Dirctor

Ahmed Shakib Sakhizadehis the Deputy Executive Director of the Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F). Ahmed has extensive experience in both public and private sectors, which he has gained during the past 17 years of work in Russia, United Kingdom and Afghanistan.

Ahmed joined CARD-F as the Director of Corporate Services (Finance, HR and Administration) in Jan 2011 and his excellent performance led him to be promoted to his current position as Deputy Executive Director of CARD-F in mid-2012. His main contributions so far have been production and development of CARD-F’s Finance, Grants, and Procurement & Contract Management Policies and systems.

His areas of experience encompass Program & Project Management, Value Chain Development & Management, Procurement, Contract Management, and Management of micro, meso and macro Development Grants, Import Sales & Distribution, Financial Management, Accountancy, Economic & Financial Analysis, Public & Commercial Insurance and provision of Public Transportation.

Ahmed has a Bachelor Degree in Business and Financial Economics and graduated from the University of Staffordshire as top of the cohort form Business School for which he received a series of annual prizes from the Dean of the Business School as well as the Chancellor of the University for his outstanding performance. He completed his Masters of Science Degree in Economics from the same University and wrote his Dissertation / Research on ‘Privatization of State Owned Enterprises’. He started his Doctoral Research (PhD) at the University of London in 2010 before he returned to Afghanistan and his research topic was ‘Economics of Higher Education in Afghanistan’. Ahmed also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Development.

In addition to his technical experience and academic qualifications, Ahmed has been trained by some of the world’s finest and most prestigious institutes and training centers such as ITC ILO, Crown Agents, MDF, Leoron & RIPA International in Financial Management, Program and Project Management, Executive Leadership, Contract Management, Monitoring & Evaluation respectively and he is a certified member of IACCM.

Deputy Executive Director

Ahmed Shakib Sakhizadeh


“I believe wokring in Development Sector requires not only strong Academic knowledge but also a wide range of professional and technical compentencies & practicle skills.   What is also of high importance is the individual’s INTEGRITY & ASPIRATIONS to work with atmost honesty & serve Afghans and Afghansitan and that is what CARD-F is genrously blessed with. My vision for CARD-F is that it is turned into a CENTER OF EXCELLENCE where International Best Practices are not only developed and complied with, but also disseminated to others working in the same sector.

We are also working hard to make CARD-F a Self-Sufficient Developmet Catalyst which should offer a wide range of services to Donors and Government Agecnies.”