Breeder & Hatchery Consultant

Closing Date: 21st July 2018

Information about the Assignment:

CARD-F has supported the establishment of breeders and hatchery farms (with minimum 20K Breeders at a time with matching hatching capacity) in Kandahar province as part of its poultry development project. CARD-F is currently planning to assist the entrepreneur in Kandahar to complete the installation of its Breeders Equipment (VDL Technology) and Hatchery Facility (Pas-Reform Technology). The investor (CARD-F Grantee) has procured the machinery, completed the construction of farms and is currently installing parts of its equipment via its local resource. It requires an expert to first install equipment and later train farm manager and operatives in operation and management of hatchery and breeder farms management.

Duties and Responsibilities:

This is a short-term (max one month) assignment and deployment is largely in presence at site (Kandahar, Afghanistan).  The following terms of references are expected under each section to be delivered;

Breeders Section (VDL Technology):

  • Complete the installation, test and Properly calibrate/operate the VDL breeder equipment (feeder, drinkers, sensory system, light system, egg nesting and ventilators) and guide technical staff on maintenance/operations
  • Train the staff/workers in all aspects of farm management from pre delivery of Day Old Chick (DOC), up to depletion of the breeders
  • Train the Farm supervisor/technical staff in maintaining of high standard of bio security
  • Work closely with the breeder farm extension officers/staff to ensure proper management of the breeder farms and delivery of fertile eggs, hatching eggs to fulfill hatchery requirements
  • Responsible for carrying out practical trails/tests of breeder production management, health, bio-security, husbandry and poultry welfare practices
  • Train farm workers with feeding, watering, vaccination, weight control, nest training of hens and lighting schedule including spiking and intra-spiking practices in order to guarantee the production of eggs having high fertility rates
  • Deliver technical training and other soft training to breeder farm supervisory/management as needed and ensure sufficient guide notes, checklists and operating manual for light control and weight control are developed for future smooth and standards operations
  • Guide staff on developing mechanisms to be carried out during weather extremes (very hot or cold)
  • Train staff on maintaining disease free breeder flocks; achieve high production with quality standards and targets as established for the farm
  • Mentor farmer / workers on achieving Health and Safety Targets as Standard SOPs

Hatchery Section (Pas Reform Technology):

  • Complete the installation, testing and properly calibrate/operate the Pas reform incubator equipment ( Pas-Reform setter, hatcher, egg turner, humidifier, temperature, ventilator and sensory system including its control panel ) while guide technical staff on its maintenance/operations
  • The hatchery expert is responsible to skill up the Hatchery workers/farmers in hatchery management in order to ensure cost competitive production, high hatchability, disease free baby Day Old Chicks (DoC) and avoid man-made deformities in the DoC
  • Responsible to train the hatchery/workers in all aspects of hatchery management from eggs grading, selection, storage, transportation, egg transfer, egg candling till hatching
  • Train the hatchery supervisors in maintaining of high standard of bio security and soft measures
  • Responsible for carrying out of hatchery production and bio-security trails and tests
  • Deliver technical training to hatchery supervisors/managers as needed to control the trouble shooting
  • Responsible to train the hatchery workers/supervisors in hatchery day to day management, production performance, and record keeping; and assist staff on developing record keeping checklists and guides for smooth operations
  • Train hatchery supervisor in control of trouble shooting, post hatched un-hatched eggs and guide the workers to avoid repetition of manmade error


 Expected Output

The incumbent must produce the following output for this assignment.

  • Installation of Breeders Equipment Completed
  • Equipment Tested and Operationalized
  • Trained Entrepreneur and his/her staff on the Breeders maintenance, management and supervision
  • Early Installation Guidance given on Hatchery
  • Installation Completed for Hatchery Equipment/machinery
  • Hatching tested and Operationalized
  • A report briefing CARD-F on the assignment delivery and recommendations to both CARD-F and Entrepreneur
  • Checklist and Manual/Guides developed for operations



  • Please mention the daily fees that you wish to charge for the assignment. Please ensure the quoted fees is inclusive of all costs but not limited to traveling, food, VISA, residence etc.



  • Timing of initiating the assignment is important, therefore, the incumbent is required to mention the earliest possible date that he/she is able to start the assignment



Reporting line

  • CARD-F Grantee or his/her designated staff, CARD-F Programme Development Director/ Deputy Program Development Director and/or Senior Poultry Specialist



  • 24 working days (12 for breeders initially and 12 for hatchery) for actual work and 2 working days for report preparation; 6 working days per week are assumed.
  • The training maybe delivered on two visits/slot; initially the breeders one with 12 working days and the second one for hatchery at later stages
  • The breeders slot (installation and training) shall take place before end of August 2018
  • The Hatchery slot (installation and training) shall take place before end of September 2018



  • Education and General Experience:
  • Master’s degree in Poultry Management, Engineering or Livestock with 5 years of experience with reputable agencies/suppliers like Pas-Reform and/or VDL technologies and/or
  • Bachelor Degree in Poultry Management, Engineering or Livestock with 7 Years of Practical experience with reputable agencies/suppliers like Pas-Reform and/or VDL technologies and/or
  • High School Degree with more than 10 years of demonstrated experience with reputable agencies/suppliers like Pas-Reform and/or VDL technologies and/or


  • Demonstrated Specific Experience:
  • Demonstration experience with Poultry Breeding and Hatching Technologies, ToT on Breeders Managaement, Poutlry diseases and Quality Contorl
  • At Least one case of Pas-Reform and VDL technology installation, management and guid experience is demonstrated with Masters Degree
  • At Least two cases of Pas-Reform and VDL technology installation, management and guid experience is demonstrated with Bachelor Degree
  • At Least three-four cases of Pas-Reform and VDL technology installation, management and guid experience is demonstrated with High School Education


Note: Only applicants who meet these requirements will be considered.

Submission Guideline:

Please read the submission steps in order to have a successful application.

By Electronic submission:

  • Preferably, you should apply through job application portal by clicking the button “Apply for this job” located at the bottom of this ToR.
  • Complete the Online Job Application Form by attaching your CV and Cover Letter.
  • Please do not attach any other documents.



  1. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  2. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.