Domestic Poultry Products Production Increases in Kandahar and Herat Provinces

The Midline 1 report which was prepared in the month of March 2017 and was finalized in the month of October 2017 reviewed the effectiveness of the second phase of CARD-F program. The purpose of the report was to provide its findings on the impact of the implementation of CARD-F’s second phase on agricultural sector, which was prepared by an independent evaluation company.

First of its kind, Broiler Breeder Farm is Operational through CARD-F Support

For the first time in northern Takhar Province of Afghanistan, a broiler breeder farm having 10,000 breeder birds/batch capacity is established with the financial and technical support of CARD-F program. This farm represents a huge investment, which is unprecedented in the history of the region and has never taken place in the northeastern provinces (Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan) of Afghanistan. Initial investment for establishing this farm on 10 Jeribs (0.2 hectares) of land has been about AFN 21.84 million where AFN 13.1 million of the amount has been granted by CARD-F program and AFN 8.73 million has been invested by a local private sector company, Novin Tejarat Company.

CARD-F’s Grants Attract Two-Fold Private Sector Investment

The CARD-F program uses modern agricultural technology to increase the level of production of agricultural products, fertility of the agricultural land and profit of farmers. In the year 2017 it invested more than AFN 313 million in the agricultural sector of Afghanistan.