CARD-F Organizes Event to Bolster Market for Milli Feed Mill Products

The event was attended by around 50 farmers and key members of different poultry associations; that was mainly aimed to create a long-term business relationship between the Feed Mill and the key market players and potential customers in the poultry sector and make use of the local and regional markets through increased knowledge and networks.

Inauguration and Opening of a 10K Broiler Breeder Farm

The farm has the capacity of 10,000 breeder chickens, and can annually supply more than one million (1,092,548) fertile eggs to other hatchery farms. The farm has been established on a shared-cost of more than AFN 35 million financial and technical assistance of CARD-F program and the private investment of Tolo-e-Afghan company in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province.

Large Scale Poultry Feed Mill Starts Production in Kabul

The largest ever poultry feed mill, “Milli” has been established in Paghman district of Kabul province and started producing poultry feed from 25th December 2017 onwards. The feed mill has been made from the financial and technical assistance of the CARD-F and private sector, with a shared cost of more than 76 million Afghanis and it can produce and deliver up to 10 metric tons of different feeds per day to the farmers for the breeder, broiler, layer farms, and cattle.