CARD-F Organizes Event to Bolster Market for Milli Feed Mill Products

A market linkage event for Milli Feed Mill was organized on 14th March 2018 by CARD-F program in which all relevant stakeholders were present including the Local Poultry Producers, National Poultry Association Members, Kabul Poultry Association Members, Khost Poultry Association Members, Traders, and Dealers, at the premises of Milli Feed Mill in Qalai Haider Khan of Paghman District in Kabul Province.

Milli Feed Mill was established with the financial and technical assistance of CARD-F and has since been producing the best quality poultry feed in the market which is being supplied to farms in Kabul and other provinces.

The event was attended by around 50 farmers and key members of different poultry associations; that was mainly aimed to create a long-term business relationship between the Feed Mill and the key market players and potential customers in the poultry sector and make use of the local and regional markets through increased knowledge and networks.

Participants briefly spoke about the Afghan Government’s and people’s support for the locally produced products and requested the owner of Milli Feed Mill to maintain the current quality of the feed in the future. In return, the owner of the Feed Mill Mr. Nemat Sahak and his technical staff ensured the participants on the consistency and reliability of quality and supply of feed in the market.  They also notified that if the market demand increases they would introduce different types of feeds that can be used for other poultry birds as well.