Domestic Poultry Products Production Increases in Kandahar and Herat Provinces

The Midline 1 report which was prepared in the month of March 2017 and was finalized in the month of October 2017 reviewed the effectiveness of the second phase of CARD-F program. The purpose of the report was to provide its findings on the impact of the implementation of CARD-F’s second phase on agricultural sector, which was prepared by an independent evaluation company.

The findings of the report indicate that the CARD-F program has been able to increase local productions of broiler chicken by %10 in Herat province, 15 % in Kandahar province through establishing breeder, hatchery and broiler farms within eight months (from August 2016 to March 2017).

The report also shows that through establishing commercial layer farms the CARD-F program had been able to increase the production of eggs in Herat province from 111 million to 114 million. It is noted that the increase of 3 million eggs in domestic egg production in Herat province has also occurred during the period of eight months (from the baseline report of the August 2016 to the first Midline 1 Report, which was prepared in March 2017).

The assessments of this report also shows that the net income of broiler farms which are financially and technically supported by the CARD-F program has increased by 1,400 AFN for every 100 broiler chicken compared to other broiler farms in Herat province which also ensures the sustainability of the farms established by the CARD-F program.

According to the report, the net income of households benefiting from the CARD-F program in the poultry sector has increased from 923 AFN to 2560 AFN and 797 AFN to 2750 AFN in Herat and Kandahar provinces.

The report also shows the annual net income of more than 21 million AFN from poultry production and nearly 3 million (2,856,000) AFN from egg production by large entrepreneurs who were benefited from the grants provided by the CARD-F program.

Similarly, the annual gross value of poultry products produced through CARD-F program which replaced the imports in Herat province is estimated at 136 million AFN from broiler meat and more than 27 million AFN from eggs production.