First of its kind, Broiler Breeder Farm is Operational through CARD-F Support

For the first time in northern Takhar Province of Afghanistan, a broiler breeder farm having 10,000 breeder birds/batch capacity is established with the financial and technical support of CARD-F program. This farm represents a huge investment, which is unprecedented in the history of the region and has never taken place in the northeastern provinces (Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar and Badakhshan) of Afghanistan. Initial investment for establishing this farm on 10 Jeribs (0.2 hectares) of land has been about AFN 21.84 million where AFN 13.1 million of the amount has been granted by CARD-F program and AFN 8.73 million has been invested by a local private sector company, Novin Tejarat Company.

In addition to this, there is another component of this project (Hatchery) which is under installation and is complementary to the mentioned Breeder farm. The nature of the Hatchery is to produce Day Old Chicks (DOCs) from the fertile eggs which are produced in the Breeder farm. This hatchery which is also unprecedented in the northeastern region will be completed and operational in one month. The combination of these two farms (Breeder and Hatchery) has stimulated more than AFN 12.88 million private sector investment in Poultry Value Chain, and if utilized at full operating capacity, the farms will produce 1,028,280 fertile eggs and 904,886 DOCs annually which will generate about AFN 7.26 million net profit for the investor in return and creates 16 direct and 4 indirect sustainable employment opportunities (FTEs) for the rural population.

This is a vital investment for sustainable development of the poultry sector which contributes to the overall economic growth of Afghanistan by improving the trade balance through substituting imports with the total annual value of AFN 29.22 million reducing dependency on foreign fertile eggs and DOCs.