Inauguration and Opening of a 10K Broiler Breeder Farm


A broiler breeder farm was inaugurated by H.E Naseer Ahmad Durrani minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock with the presence of Mr. Gulab Mangal governor of Nangarhar province, Dr. Laal Mohammad deputy of Nangarhar provincial council, Haji Hayat community elder, Ahmed Shakib Sakhizadeh CEO of CARD-F, Agriculture Director for Nangarhar province, CARD-F’s provincial staff, other government and non-government organization representatives, media and entrepreneurs in Nangarhar province located in eastern Afghanistan.

The farm has the capacity of 10,000 breeder chickens, and can annually supply more than one million (1,092,548) fertile eggs to other hatchery farms. The farm has been established on a shared-cost of more than AFN 35 million financial and technical assistance of CARD-F program and the private investment of Tolo-e-Afghan company in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province.

In addition to providing 16 job opportunity (short-term and permanent), the farm generates more than AFN 4 million (4,240,500) annually as net profit for the investor. It is also worth to be noted that this farm contributes to the substitution of imports worth more than AFN 24 million (24,140,434) to the trade balance of the country.