Large Scale Poultry Feed Mill Starts Production in Kabul

The largest ever poultry feed mill, “Milli” has been established in Paghman district of Kabul province and started producing poultry feed from 25th December 2017 onwards. The feed mill has been made from the financial and technical assistance of the CARD-F and private sector, with a shared cost of more than 76 million Afghanis and it can produce and deliver up to 10 metric tons of different feeds per day to the farmers for breeder, broiler, layer farms, and cattle.

According to the head of the Milli Feed Mill Mr. Nematullah Sahak, his feed mill has been operating eight hours per day and has now delivered poultry feed to more than 20 poultry farms in Khost, Kandahar, Bamiyan and Kabul provinces which had a satisfying result. The feed mill officials are planning to invite some farmers in the future to visit the factory and to discuss how to supply poultry feed with better quality and with more favorable rates to poultry farms in different provinces of the country. He said: “The Milli Feed Mill has delivered packs of 50KG poultry feed 250 Afghanis cheaper than the market rates to the farmers.”

Since the construction of poultry feed mills in Nangarhar and Balkh provinces, this is the third feed mill built by the CARD-F program with the encouragement and attraction of private sector investment in Kabul province, with an annual production capacity of more than 43,000 metric tons of poultry feed, which the largest poultry feed production facility located in Kabul province. The factory is equipped with computer systems and a large storage room for raw and fine materials and can produce different types of poultry feed.

Since poultry feed is the first element for self-sufficiency in the poultry sector, CARD-F program has built three big scale feed mills in the mentioned provinces with a total annual production capacity of 129,600 metric tons of poultry feed for a significant portion of market demand in Afghanistan and it plays a vital role in reducing the dependence of the country’s farmers on imported feeds and also boosting the poultry value chain.

Poultry feed is one of the most important items for the poultry value chain and the poultry feed mill is one of the vital components of the value chain. From 2015 onwards, CARD-F has taken measures to coordinate and encourage private sector investment in to building poultry feed mills in different provinces of the country; not only has it provided financial assistance, but also technical support in this field, which is a huge step towards the self-sufficiency of Afghanistan in the production and supply of poultry products.