Rehabilitation of 22 km of Water Canals in Kandahar Province

In 2018, the 22 km long water canals of Nahr Nasrallah in the Daman and Nahr Peyataw of Dand district, were rehabilitated and utilized by the CARD-F program.

The total cost of rehabilitation of these canals is 43 million and 832 thousand Afghanis, which is provided with grants from the CARD-F program.

According to the project contract, the rehabilitation of these is 22 km long canals includes planning and design, reconstruction of hydraulic structures, construction of new buildings and protective walls, fillet, water flow dividers with water outlet structures, closed stream, water flows and flood sways which were completed in August 2018 and put into operation.

The canals improved irrigation systems of 5240 hectares of land, which safeguards 25,172 agricultural jobs in Kandahar province.