Ms. Zarwari Jana is one of the many poor rural women in Afghanistan hoping to feed her family. She is not educated and therefore not able to work in the Government or other private organization. Her husband passed away two years ago and she has two children who polish shoes in the Bazar. She is suffering from chronic stomach ulcer which is another issue she faces on daily basis.

CARD-F team found her eligible to receive the pullets during their survey and hence she was selected for the SSL package. She received the 30 pullets and now she is earning about 800 AFN weekly by selling the eggs. The surplus money which she earns now has enabled her to buy medicine for herself and send one of her child to school.

“I study with a lot of passion so that I become a doctor and treat my mother,” says 10-year-old Zubair the Second son of Ms. Zarwari, who wears school uniform and a cap. “I love studying because it is how I will be able to have better life. Previously I could only watch the students going to school however now I am glad to be one of them” says the young Zubair with his eyes full of dreams for a better and brighter future.

SSL program is designed to help poor rural households and reduce poverty in the country. Recently, CARD-F has distributed 200 poultry packages among the poor households in Khost province.

  • Project Type: PoultryVC
  • Value Title: SSL
  • Beneficiary: Zarwari Jana
  • Project Year: 2015