The Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F) implements the poultry value chain by supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs in establishing broiler farms in Helmand province. CARD-F has established farms in Lashkargah, Nawa, Nadali and the Grishk districts of Helmand province. Combined, these farms produce more than 222,000 broiler birds annually. Mohammad Aqa is a local farmer from Lashkargah district who recently established a broiler farm through CARD-F technical support.

Mohammad Aqa now rears over 5,000 day-old chicks (DOC) in broiler farm during each batch and after 45 days of careful retention he supplies the chickens to the market. In Mr. Aqa’s words:

“I found this business so fruitful. In just four batches, I supplied more than 20,000 broilers birds to the market and made a fair amount of money. I believe that the more I get experienced I become the more my income will increase!”

Mr. Aqa plans to further expand his business in future. According to him, broiler farms can be a good source of income for him and his community. Mr. Aqa currently imports day old chicks from neighboring countries. However, CARD-F plans to create a substitute for these imports in Helmand to allow Mr. Aqa and other farmers to utilize Afghanistan’s own commodities. Strengthening Afghanistan’s entire poultry value chain is one of CARD-F’s key priorities.

So far, CARD-F has established 11 broiler farms in Helmand province, producing 5,000 broiler birds each per batch. CARD-F provides the local poultry farmers with technical support comprised of trainings on poultry farms management, disease control, and feeding, marketing and business development.
CARD-F seeks to enhance local economy by creating licit business opportunities and enterprises in rural remote areas of the country.

  • Project Type: PoultryVC
  • Value Title: Poultry
  • Beneficiary: Mohammad Aqa
  • Project Year: 2015