Lack of infrastructure in rural districts of Balkh province has put the entire population at a disadvantage. Meanwhile the people living in rural Afghanistan are highly involved with agriculture and that is the only source of income for about 75% of the population. Lack of infrastructure has significantly increased the cost of transportation of the agricultural products to the market. This trend is gaining substantial momentum with the low tariff rates on imported agricultural products.

Now the travel time has decreased from 45 minutes to only 10 minutes. People can easily access better markets to sell their products with lower transportation costs. And it makes it easy for the milk collection centers to connect with the milk processing factory.

In order to remedy the situation, Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F), under a contract with National Road Access Program (NRAP) lead by MRRD have taken an initiative and asphalted 6.14 kilometers of road to connect four villages of balk district to the center of Balkh province. This road inaugurated by MRRD on the 6th March 2016, provides better livelihoods to more than 11 thousands of inhabitants of Balkh district and paves the way for earning a better income through establishing market linkages.

CARD-F is supporting the dairy value chain in Balkh district of Balkh province by providing training for farmers on effective cattle management, fodder management, milking and milk collection. In addition, CARD-F has constructed five permanent milk collection centers (MCCs) to gather the milk and deliver it to the dairy processing factory. The Asphalted road connected farmers with MCCs ensuring sustainable livelihoods for the people of this district.

Furthermore, asphalting this road had created a total of 57 construction jobs during the years 2015 and 2016. The rural income generated during construction period has been US$ 1,995 earned by local construction labors.

  • Project Type: Infrastructure
  • Value Title: Road
  • Beneficiary: Public
  • Project Year: 2016