Afghanistan is an agricultural country with many people across the provinces making a living through farming activities. Daad Mohammad, who is a farmer in Enjil district of Herat province, has always hoped to grow and produce saffron in order to generate enough revenue to support his family.

However, due to lack of water in Herat province, it has always been difficult to gain sufficient income. With the support of Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F) programme, in a half acre of land, Daad Mohammad was able to produce 100 grams of saffron. Despite this being his first attempt at growing saffron, he generated enough income to support his family. Daad Mohammad also received 300 kilograms of saffron crocus bulbs from CARD-F for continuing farming this lucrative crop in the future.

The UK is proud to be helping farmers across Afghanistan, especially to grow saffron – a crop that can generate a lot of income for farmers. The UK and Denmark have funded the agricultural assistance programme, CARD-F since 2009 and both countries have committed to supporting the programme until at least 2018.

So far, CARD-F has helped establish over 1,000 enterprises in provinces across Afghanistan; a quarter of which are headed by women. It has also built infrastructure to increase productivity and improve links to markets; all of which help build a bright future for farmers across the country.

  • Project Type: SaffronVC
  • Value Title: Saffron
  • Beneficiary: Daad Mohammad
  • Project Year: 2016