Meer Ahmad, a disabled Afghan farmer in Herat struggled to support his family with five children. He was supposed to have sufficient income in order to support his two sons who are university students. Fearing for his future, he planned to go to Iran with the small amount of money he had saved to find work there.

However, when he learned about the Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development – Facility (CARD-F) programme, he asked for support. CARD-F supported Meer to invest his money in Afghanistan and buy two cows. CARD-F’s technical team in Herat province trained Meer in milk production technics.

Meer is now able to earn 9,000 Afghanis a month from milk production as well as a job with a monthly salary of 7,000 Afghanis as a milk collector for a CARD-F Centre. He plans to buy more cows to have a better income in order to support his other children with their education.

The UK and Denmark have funded CARD-F since 2009 and both countries have committed to support Afghan farmers, especially those in need, until at least 2018. So far, CARD-F has helped establish over 6,104 enterprises in provinces across Afghanistan, 69 percent of which are headed by women. It has also built infrastructure to increase productivity and improve links to markets.

  • Project Type: DairyVC
  • Value Title: Milk
  • Beneficiary: Meer Ahmad
  • Project Year: 2016