Ms. Tamana mother of six lives with her family in Baharak -central district of Badakhshan- 42 KM from Faizabad. Before she became an apiculturist, Tamana an ex-employee of educational programme was setting at home. Being jobless and having to support the entire family with no income, she was suffering from her family’s poor economy and looking to find a way of making the ends meet.

Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F), funded by the British and Danish governments, has taken an initiative and trained 60 women from Baharak district on bee keeping, honey extraction and disease management. Tamana was one of these trainees. Tamana says:

“I have learned the entire cycle of apiculture from beekeeping, honey extraction, marketing, selling and other important beekeeping techniques”.

Tamana started beekeeping with an initial investment of 13,500 AFN (30 % of total initial investment) and 60 % financial and technical support of CARD-F. She extracted 63 KGs of honey from 10 bee hives, during the first three months of her investment in beekeeping. This has led to potential revenue which enabled her to afford her kids school expenses and purchasing of a carpet. Now that she is keeping 10 beehives and have a net income of 22,000 AFN from selling honey to NGOs and residence of Baharak added that:

“it was my long lasting hope to provide my kids with their basic needs and now I am grateful of God that improved my life by having this licit income from legal and clean business/profession (beekeeping)”.

During the past two years CARD-F has introduced hundreds of farmers to beekeeping as an alternative livelihood in Badakhshan and Helmand provinces. This initiative aims to increase employment, income and business opportunities in rural Afghanistan and strengthen the honey value chain, in order to enable the farmers to produce in commercial scale. As part of its technical assistance in strengthening Honey Value Chain, CARD-F provided five bee-hived boxes with five empty boxes for multiplication and other tools necessary for honey extraction and safety packages.

CARD-F made Tamana to believe that women are also able to work and have licit income. Besides that Tamana want to train the other women of Baharak about beekeeping, honey production and selling to, she has planned to extend her beekeeping business and increase the number of her beehives.

  • Project Type: ApicutureVC
  • Value Title: Honey
  • Beneficiary: Tamana
  • Project Year: 2015