Fatima Gul lives with her four children in a village located in the Kalafgan district of Takhar province. Her husband spent many years in prison outside the country and is now in bed with illness and is unable to work; considering the persisting circumstances, Fatima Gul, the only breadwinner for her family, was looking for works that are suitable for rural women.

The Comprehensive Agriculture and Rural Development Facility (CARD-F) has established 65 greenhouses in Takhar province, creating a total of 84 job opportunities for rural residents and providing them with a legitimate income. Fatima Gul has been working in these greenhouses for four months. While she is also taking responsibility for her family and by working hard in greenhouses she was able to earn 24,000 Afghanis in four months. According to Fatima Gul, in addition to receiving monthly income, she also produces pickles through crops of these greenhouses. During her time in these greenhouses, she has been able to produce more than 300 liters of pickles in traditional ways and earned 14,000 Afghanis from selling only 200 liters of them which has led to the growth and economic empowerment of her family.

Rahim Beg Yaqoubi, the owner of the greenhouses in which Fatima Gul works, says: beside the economic benefits of these greenhouses, I want to create local job opportunities by introducing new farming methods to the people of my hometown.

According to him, the Kalafgan district of Takhar province does not have enough water for farming, which is why most of the workforce in the area moved to Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey for work. Sometimes they are compelled to work with smugglers and then turn to using drugs.

Fatima Gul says: Now, the only hope for my family to make money and livelihood is to work in greenhouses, which is made possible through CARD-F’s support and the investment of Mr. Rahim Beg.

In addition to Ms. Fatima Gul, eight other women also receive a monthly income of 5,000 Afghanis by working in the greenhouses established by Mr. Rahim Beg. According to him, these women have been working in his greenhouses for four and a half months and so far they received a total of 180,000 Afghanis in wages.

The CARD-F program in Takhar province has established 65 greenhouses, with an annual production capacity of 559 metric tons of vegetables which is worth a gross margin of 12.6 million Afghanis. The greenhouses created a total of 84 job opportunities for the residents of Takhar, including women and men, and by 2017 it has increased rural income in the province by more than 2.4 million Afghanis.

  • Project Type: Vegetable VC
  • Value Title: Greenhouse
  • Beneficiary: Fatima Gul
  • Project Year: 2017