Economic Development Package 4A


EDP4A is high-value horticulture and apiculture value chain development project. The implementation of this project was started in March 2012 and was being implemented by Vision Supply (VS) in Kishm, Baharak and Faizabad districts of Badakhshan until September 2015. EDP 4A was extended in October 2015 and since its extension, the project is being implemented by CARD-F IU. Component of this project included 146 greenhouses, 550 bee farms, 40 bioclimatic storages for storage of potato and onion, 300 small layer farms for women and distribution of high value crops input package (potato and onion) to cover 500 jeribs of land. The main activities of this project included training of investors and farmers, provision of extension services, organizing farmers into groups (associations or cooperatives) for sustainability of the project and strengthening forward (market) and backward (supply) linkages of the chain. The extension phase of this project was ended on December 2016. However, provincial IU team continued provision of extension services and support to beneficiaries until March 2017.


The objectives of this project are to increase rural income, create rural employment opportunities, substitute import of off -season vegetables and high value crops, promote production of honey and encourage private sector to invest in new agriculture technologies in Badakhshan province.

MTs Fresh Vegetables
Table Eggs
MTs of Honey
MTs of HVCs
Job Opportunities for men
Job Opportunities for women
Cumulative Rural Net Income
PS Investments Stimulated




Project details

  • Green Houses: 146
  • SSL Farms: 300
  • Apiculture Farms: 550
  • Bioclimatic Stores: 40
  • Aggregation Centre: 1
  • Association: 1
  • HVC Packages: 500
  • Male Farmers Trained: 1,170
  • Female Farmers Trained: 360
  • Direct Beneficiary: 11,016