Economic Development Package 5A


EDP 5A is a high value horticulture, apiculture and livestock project. Components of this project include establishment of  36 bio-climatic storages (BCS), 75 honey bee farms, 1 combined vet clinic and aggregation centre, 355 small layer farms (SSL) and introduction of high value crops (improved potato and onion seeds) to 2,449.5 Jeribs of land. The main activities of this project include training of investors and farmers, provision of extension services, organizing farmers into groups (associations or cooperatives) for sustainability of the project and strengthening forward (market) and backward (supply) linkages of the chain. The implementation of this project started in September 2012. This project was implemented by Afghan-aid in Khash district of Badakhshan until November 2015. The project was extended in November 2015 and its implementation was handed over to CARD-F’s IU. The extension phase of this project ended in December 2016.


The objective of this project is to increase rural income, create rural employment opportunities and stimulate private sector investment in Poultry Apiculture and HVC value chains in Badakhshan province.


Million Table Eggs
KGs of Honey
MTs of HVCs
Job Opportunities for men
Job Opportunities for women
Cumulative Rural Net Income
PS Investments Stimulated



Project details

  • SSL Farms: 335
  • Apiculture Farms: 75
  • Bioclimatic Stores: 36
  • Aggregation Centre: 1
  • Veterinary Clinic: 1
  • Farmers Trained: 2,024
  • Direct Beneficiary: 14,558