Economic Development Package Kandahar


EDP Kandahar aims to support development of horticulture and poultry value chains in Kandahar. The poultry component of this project includes establishment of 400 SSL farms, 24 new broiler farms, 2 Layer farms, 2 breeder farm, 2 hatchery farms, and 1 poultry clinic. The horticulture component of the project includes establishment of 225 spans of greenhouses. In addition the project aims to develop farmers’ skills by conducting training, facilitating the market linkages, and organizing farmers into associations. Actual implementation of this project started in October 2015 by CARD-F. The project is extended until December 2017.


The objective of this project is to increase rural income, create rural employment opportunities and stimulate private sector investment in poultry and vegetables sectors in Kandahar province.


MTs of Broiler Meat
MTs Fresh Vegetables
Million Table Eggs
Job Opportunities for men
Job Opportunities for women
Cumulative Rural Net Income
PS Investments Stimulated



Project details

  • Greenhouses: 76
  • Broiler Farm: 23
  • Poultry Clinic: 1
  • SSL Farms Established: 200
  • Farmers Trained: 251
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 3,247