Economic Development Package Parwan


Parwan project is a combination of replications of successful components of other CARD-F Projects (SSL and Greenhouses) as well as development of grape value chain. Implementation of this project started in July 2014 by CARD-F IU in Parwan, Kapisa and northern districts of province Kabul. Component of this project include establishment of 60 Kishmish Khana (grapes drying facilities), trellising of 1,000 jeribs of vine yards, establishment of 130 commercial greenhouses, establishment of 700 SSL farms for women, establishment of 1 juice processing plant and establishment of 1 layer egg and horticulture market. Other main activities of this project included training of investors and farmers, provision of extension services, organizing farmers into groups (associations or cooperatives) for sustainability of the project and strengthening forward (market) and backward (supply) linkages of the chain. Initial end date of the project was March 2016; however, the project was extended in April 2016 and its initial end date was March 2017. The project is extended until December 2017.


The objective of this project is to increase rural income, create rural employment opportunities and stimulate private sector investment in poultry, vegetable and grapes value chains in Parwan, Kapisa and Kabul provinces.


Million Table Eggs
MTs Fresh Vegetables
MTs of Grapes
MTs of Raisin
Job Opportunities for men
Job Opportunities for women
Jobs Safeguarded
Cumulative Rural Net Income
PS Investments Stimulated




Project details

  • SSL Farms: 701
  • Greenhouses: 130
  • Jeribs Vineyards Trellised: 1000
  • Kishmish Khana: 60
  • Association: 3
  • Male Farmers Trained: 737
  • Female Farmers Trained: 701
  • Direct Beneficiaries: 10,354
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