Economic Development Package Saffron


EDP Saffron focuses on development of saffron value chain in Herat. The project aims supporting this value chain by improving both production and quality. Components of this project includes, distribution of saffron harvesting kit for 500 women, distribution of 150 input packages containing improved saffron bulb, establishment of 3 saffron processing centers, establishment of saffron quality control lab for 3 saffron processing companies, supporting 3 saffron processing companies in obtaining ISO certificate, renovation of DAIL’s saffron quality testing lab, training on cultivation and post-harvest management and study tour for saffron producers and trader.


The objective of this project is to increase rural income, create rural employment opportunities and stimulate private sector investment by improving both production and quality of saffron.


Job Opportunities for men
Job Opportunities for women
Cumulative Rural Net Income
PS Investments Stimulated



Project details

  • Saffron drying & packing plants : 3
  • Quality Control Labs Established: 4
  • ISO Certificates Attained: 3
  • Saffron packages distributed: 150
  • Harvesting kits: 500
  • Female farmers trained: 500
  • Male farmers trained: 150
  • Beneficiaries supported: 3,600